About Goat

Goat has been born from a MYOG or make your own gear background. Making lightweight and ultralight packs, quilts, accessories and modifying or repairing gear for my friends and myself. I thought it was time to evolve in to a business and offer the same great packs to others, building the range, starting with the Billy Pack.

Hi I am Dave and I started hiking many many years ago, on school trips and Ten Tor’s events on Dartmoor.

When I left school and started work, in a way lost connection with the outdoors, This was something I rekindled back in the early 2000’s visiting coastal areas local to me as well as Dartmoor.

I started hiking again as a way to extent a passion for photography, walking to more remote locations to get that sunset or sunrise shot and I soon rediscovered my love for the outdoors, hiking and camping.

In 2017/8 I was given my great, great Aunts 100+ year old hand crank Singer 66K and I started making gear for myself, tarps, packs and quilts, this soon developed in to making gear for friends, repairing kit for others and making more and more gear for myself.

In early 2020 Covid 19 took hold of the world and shortly in to the pandemic my job was put on the line, as a way of taking my mind off the lockdown and employment situation, I started making packs again. Starting out with a basic looking but well thought out pack for myself to carry camera and hiking gear. One pack keeping things separate but accessible at the same time. From that I created the Billy, a truly ultralight pack, frameless and beltless. Using top quality materials and an old Singer 99K and 357K the Billy is where this all started.

After making the the pack now known as the Billy, as with many MYOG creators, I posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram and was instantly receiving likes, comments and questions from people asking if I was selling it or creating more.

Thats where it started..