Gear Repair / Modification



There are times when the unfortunate happens or time simply takes its toll and damage is sustained to a bit of gear. This is often not an issue and repairs can be made giving new or prolonged life to your kit. Goat UL Have repaired a number of ultralight shelters and backpacks and are happy to offer the service to everyone. As well as repairs we can complete modifications to equipment, making it more user friendly or simply unique to you.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have –


Examples of repairs carried out;

  • Retaping of seams on DCF two person shelter following a tape failure.
  • Patching Silnylon shelter where a walking pole was accidentally pushed through the panel creating a 5″ tear.
  • Mesh repair on UL backpack, mesh had worn with age.
  • Replacement of all tie outs on DCF shelter following manufacturing issues. New reinforcements added and stronger, more suitable tie outs added.
  • DCF shelter repair, 14″ tear in door. Patch applied to reduce cost to client.
  • Replacement of DCF shelter tie outs following manufacturing failure/Quality Control issue.
  • LineLoc 3’s added to shelter to replace webbing tieouts.
  • Seam Sealing of multiple shelters.




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